commercial table tops

Авг 22, 2018 - Рубрики Информация

Our unique collection of outdoor and indoor cafe table tops are brilliantly crafted to complete your coffee shop commercial table tops, restaurant or outdoor dining area. Aside from coming in high durability material, our table tops also provide you with the color, size you are looking for. Looking for that Resin table tops, then choose from our many available sizes in four color choices.
Harrows provides a variety of stylish restaurant table tops and sturdy leaner bases to complement the atmosphere of your cafe, restaurant or bar.

Harrows restaurant leaner tops are constructed from a range of materials including teak timber, American ash, Malaysian hardwood, marble or stone. These are available in the design, size and colour stain of your choice.

Our restaurant leaner bases are manufactured to the highest standard so that you never have to worry about wobbly tables. Constructed from materials such as cast iron, stainless steel and cast aluminium, they are robust, durable and stylish.

The pedestal style allows unobstructed seating from all sides, offering greatest flexibility for dining and rearranging cafe layouts or bar layouts.

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